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Vikas Vidyaniketan


Vikas faculty is known for its ability and prowess to produce the best ranks in the state. By repeating the success story year after year , they have made "success a tradition ". It takes volumes to describe these success stories. This good natured and most accessible "Internet of Intelligent faculty" has been called from various parts of the state. Most of them are academic scholars, professors and have years of abundant experience in producing ranks. With such high potential faculty and the associated hard work and involvement, it is no surprise then that Vikas has been epitomized as the World of Winners .


Managing Committee

The entire team works single mindedly with a student centric approach and feel gratified to be part and parcel of this prestigious institution.

1000+ Students
100% Placements
15+ Major Cities
100+ Qualified Faculties


Vikas Vidyaniketan

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